Postcards From Shows Everyone is Invited!

Checking out the internet I came across the phrase, “write us little postcards from shows,” and it struck me that would be a good idea to take literally. At the July 6th show we will be handing out postcards to select members of the crowd, and perhaps selling some depending how quickly our act gets together.

The special handed out postcards will be stamped and post marked to us. What we want you to do with them is to go to other shows in Chicago during the month. Take these postcards with you. While you’re at the show, jot down a short story, a poem, a quick drawing, or get someone in the crowd to do it for you. Then, as soon as you can, mail the card off! We will receive it and post the piece of history online here. Before placing it in a special Memory Box.

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Our Friends: High School Horror Stories (Issue 3)

Man, I wish I was better at getting these sorts of articles up in a timely fashion, but here is hoping that it’s better late than never.

Part of the reason I wanted to write about this show – beyond the fact that I loved the readers, was interested in the topic, went to see it with a cadre of great people, or that I just like the format – was because it placed so well in my itinerary that day. It got sandwiched between three other great shows.

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Journey to the End of the Night 2011 Movie

On May 7th the ØwO went and ran in Chicago Zero’s Journey to the end of the night. There are a ton of awesome videos detailing that event. Here is one, that Here’s the Story put together.

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Podcast Posted for Those who Want to Snag it.

I’m not sure how we are going to run podcasts in the future, but for now I’ve uploaded the whole show as an mp3 to a different website so you can dl it and listen at your leisure. share files free

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And the Winner is !

Caitlin doing her thing

Caitlin Bergh has succeeded in garnering the most points from the crowd and as such is cordially invited back to feature at next month’s show!

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Journey to the End of the Night

Thanks to all of you who are pushing the invite. This is an Invite Everyone Event! The more the merrier! I am on schedule to having the website dedicated to this specific event up around June 10th. We want to maintain an air of mystery about the whole thing so we will begin hinting at …

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The Features Feature!

Hey everyone!  As many of you know, our June show will mark our first storytelling event featuring invited storytellers.  We are very excited about this, and want to tell you a little bit about it. HTS will continue to be a potluck and open story swap, where everyone is welcome to sign up to share a story. Common sharing is at the heart of what we mean to foster with this event, so please come to tell if you wish!

picture of cups

In June, we are honored and delighted to bring you the following line up of featured tellers:

Anthony Oberbeck
Kelsie Huff
Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield
Norm Holly
Scott Whitehair

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June first Tshirt Mock Up is Here!

logo logo

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Quick Update: Preview List, (Journey Update and More)

stock image

1. Mock-up for June 1st tshirts (tomorrow)
2. Article about the Chicago Story Collective’s awesome High School Horror Stories show (by the 27th)
3. Update on our special September event, Journey to the End of the Night (by the 27th)
4. Journey website goes up (on June 10th)
5. We’re lining up features for a super-secret show happening in October, so we’ll start dropping details about that (June 11th)
6. Announcement of June’s lineup of featured tellers (soon, soon!)

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Let’s Talk About Mission Statements

A leaf on a rock

Janna and I are constantly tweaking, this site, what we plan on doing, what we think we can do against what we really can do, and one of the things that’s been getting some attention lately is the website’s stated mission. Right now it centers pretty closely around the first Wednesday show. This is our main thrust, our main event, and it rightly holds almost all of our attention as we push forward. But Janna and I also care a lot about the bigger picture and the possibilities that come from sharing stories as a way of thinking about life.

So for me, when we boil down brass tacks, this is our mission statement: “Here’s the Story.”

It’s a bold phrase and it is what I think of as our core. Janna and I can go on and on about what we want this to be, i.e. everything to everyone all the time. (Oh, lofty abstract goals.) We can tell you stories, our own as well as the ones we’ve heard and read. We love to talk about the inspiration we’ve gotten from all our friends and the excellent work they do throughout the city. And in strange moments our tongues will trip their way into erudite and insightful musings on the subject of, “What is this all about?” But I lack the imagination it takes to come up with a better phrase for our show – this organization, this movement – than Here’s the Story.

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