Thank You

Thank you all who came to our November show. Sometimes it strikes me what a unique thing we’re all doing by getting together to listen to each other. How uncommon that is now, and how old it is too… how integral storytelling and listening are to the cultures we all came from.

As always, there were wonderful stories on Wednesday. Stories about searching, and about letting everything go in order to have everything, about looking for love and the loss of great love, and learning to be genuinely present in both. Stories about being good to each other. Thank you thank you to all of our tellers.

Some of us went out and talked later after closing the theater and cleaning things up. We sat for a long time and talked and laughed and turned things over. For better and for worse, I have an easy time of seeing the brightness in other people quick, and an easy time adoring it regardless of familiarity. It made me happy to sit with a group of such excellent folks who seemed to be able to see each other quick and easy, too. I loved being with people who were mostly strangers to each other up until then, talking like warm friends because they could also see the thing in each other that is great, soft, bright, funny, shining, familiar. I think the fact that we’d all just been telling stories really helped with that.

I want to say thanks to Dan, without whom none of this—or at least our particular Here’s the Story variety of this—would be possible. This show, and the experiences and reckonings and connections it allows for, happen because of his hard work and continued determination and great love. Producing a new event like this is quite a thing, and I couldn’t (and would never want to) do it by myself. I feel lucky to have a cohort on this adventure of such joyful commitment and relentless inspiration.

We welcome all your thoughts and contributions. And we understand too, that the idea of an event that really is for and made by all of you is a relatively uncommon thing. But we mean it. This event is born of a common desire to create a place and time for people from all of this great city’s communities to share the best of ourselves with each other. So come out and be warm and bright with us once a month through the winter. And bring your art, your ideas, your culinary contributions, your friends, and your stories!


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