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The Official Slacker’s MasterMind

Hugs for Free Hugs for 1 dollar

You see, I’ve spent the last 2 years testing out various Mastermind Groups as well as running my own.

Through the end of this year I’ll be testing out an all new framework for a paid mastermind that’s focused on people who have accomplished a lot in their lives, but still feel like they’re behind the 8-ball compared to their peers. I’ve found what those people are missing: a good group of objective work friends and accountability triggers.

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Why It’s Important to Polarize Your Audience.

Imagine, Merlin’s Magical Ice Cream Shop!

In this ice cream shop there are an infinite number of flavors available to choose from. How many flavors would you try before giving up? Of course you could just get vanilla, but everyone likes vanilla. That’s safe, right? But I wonder, if it’s so simple that everyone likes it, is it even worth trying?

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3 Ways a 1:1 Workshop Can Help You Get Through Storytelling Anxiety

Group of people looking at the audience

Connecting with others is important.

You have a memory, a story to be shared, but how do you approach crafting that pocket of time into a shareable experience? How do you reach out to connect with others when your anxiety holds you back? This week I had the chance to try, for the first time, a one on one workshop. It was a great way to begin the process of discovering new ways to see my own story.

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YouTube Can Be Leveraged Without A Huge Following. Let’s Workshop Together to Find Out How.


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A YouTube Cohort You’ll Love

At Story Luck we know you are the kind of person who watches YouTube, and you think, “I could do that!” Maybe you’ve watched some videos by Sean Cannell, CinemaSins or Ron Hazelton and you’ve thought, “I should do that! There’s a gold mine in creating and advertising via video.” Imagine, you’ve got your frameworks …

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All the Books on Storytelling I’ve Read in 2022

I’ve read 25+ books on the art and craft of storytelling. Here’s a quick 3 sentence summary of what I’ve read so far this year. One major take away or what I enjoyed. For those who are interested, every book here links to amazon, if you buy it we will make money off that purchase. …

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You Want to Change Lives With Your Story. This Storytelling Class is For You.

This is a damn Good Sentince

Storytelling, Voice and Sense of Self – Advanced Sessions February 28th thru April 14th 2022  You’re lucky to live in a world where all it takes is a story to change someone’s life forever. Your stories, properly told, are a conduit for positive change. This class, will teach you how to connect to the people …

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All the Books I’ve Read On Storytelling

I read 50+ books so you wouldn’t have to. Though some of them, you should read, because they’re great! When you want to read a book on storytelling, and are at a loss for which one to read next, sometimes it helps to know someone who read the book too. I’m promoting all these books …

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Your Reach is Further than You Realize. The Motivated Mindset Dancers Story.

Brian Otieno Owino

If you’re creating content regularly, people read it.

Brian Otieno Owino found me via a creative writing facebook group. We chatted about story and non fiction writing. Brian is a writer and a voracious reader. A creative through and through he turned to teaching dance as his main outlet.

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Ten Showcase 99 Second Stories

Noah Dancing

In these ten stories you have a masterclass in the three act structure.

You are taken on ten journeys. Brought into the boxing ring, where you feel the fatigue in your arms as you get pounded again and again in the head. Taken to the kitchen counter where a mother shares a candid conversation with her young son. Later she learns the power of American Fusion Pot Pies! From there, you slink into a classroom full of sweaty children going through the nervous, fart educing, trauma-edy of active shooter drills.

Stories of Covid. Stories of family. Stories of fighting for what’s yours and realizing, “I’m in the boy’s club now.”

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