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Story Luck Workshop Show


We are building a storytelling workshop show… and we really want your feedback. So come join us tonight from 6-8pm. https://www.twitch.tv/storyluck We will be streaming live on twitch. If you’d like to tell a story DM me on Facebook for the google meet link! If you like to join FB event invites:https://www.facebook.com/events/2839208173022278/

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Tech Bros, in Heaven

Dude, what do you think about these convolutional neural networks we’ve switched over to? They’re rocking it right? Totally! Throughput is through the roof, the clients are loving it, and now that we’ve got it set up we basically sit back and let it do all the work! I know Peter is fucking loving it …

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On the Nose

science image

This story explores emotional baggage. How would our social norms change if we could see concrete physical manifestations of love? Would we be bound to those we fell in love with? Or would we still occasional go our own way?

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Started but not finished :/


The first step to being a god is becoming a barrister. Death was not a king or a crone as some of the ancients thought, It was not a skeleton; it did not ride a buffalo or carry a scythe. No, tdeath was a bureaucracy.

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We manage what can easily be measured, and measure what can easily be managed.

Writing Prompt day 2 of 30.

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30 Days of Short Stories

Don't choke me, bro

Prompt by u/TheArchivist314/: You’ve always had the power to pause time whenever you want for however long you want. Today you’ve run into someone who does not pause and they’re pissed because they’ve never paused when you’ve paused time and they finally found you.

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Becky & Blair

girl power

Becky & Blair are my second favorite pairing in season one. They captured that feeling of two people talking unselfconsciously – In a way that no one else could. They also do one of the best jobs of setting up how they met and the arch of their friendship journey. It was a slow burn …

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A Case for Audible

If three people buy Audible we will get let into the affiliate program. Amazon already has us as a Smile Member, so it’d be a good fit for us.

For those who don’t know, while covid-19 is going on, a large swath of their young adult and child audio books are being given away for free to everyone. Not just the people with subscriptions.

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Good Sister, Bad Massage, Awkward High School Moments

Massage story

This is a quicky, a short little chestnut to make you smile. This story comes from back in the day. We’ve got a bunch of these and will be releasing a video every Wed. till we run out… which is looking to be 15 weeks. Unless we shoot more. If you have a little story …

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Tertiary Delight has Officially Launched!

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Well, we wanted to do 100 listens in 30 days. That would put us in the top 50% of all podcasts launched last year. So getting 70 listens on day one, is a pretty nice thing to fall asleep to. Thank you so much! We did an amazing show, shared a bunch of new friends, …

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