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Vanessa Loves Bad Star Trek

Vanessa Tardiff has been calling Chicago home for the last decade since leaving home in Washington, D.C.

But we get the sense she’d be just as happy on the bridge of the Enterprise. As soon as she was capable of spelling she tells us, she was writing with something onto something else. “Crayons onto walls, gel pen to black paper. I was able to tap into my inner voice and use it to speak my truth with conviction.”

Vanessa loves bad star trek
Monday, March 15th, at 6pm Central/7pm Eastern we will be working on storytelling with special guest Vanessa Tardiff.

Vanessa is the host of I Love Bad Star Trek!, where she explores bad good TV and bravely goes where no fair-weather trekie need go again: The bottom of the Star Trek barrel.

As Vanessa explained to us, the motivation for breaking down and analyzing Star Trek’s worst moments comes from a place of deep love for a show she finds extremely meaningful.

“Star trek has been a way of contextualizing dark periods in history that seem hopeless by offering the possibility of a better future. Through this show, I understand there’s more to decisions than easy answers. Doing the right thing and doing the kind thing may be mutually exclusive things. There is so much pressure to understand big problems in terms of black and white, good and evil with nothing lying between. Fully quieting one’s biases isn’t possible. However, it’s worth the work to see things from outside one’s perspective to reach solutions on every level. Not just in geopolitical terms, but interpersonal ones as well. It’s something I’ve come to love so much that even the most ridiculously written and crappily acted episodes fill me with such joy. After 2016, I needed a rung of hope to cling to and Trek continues to be that for me.”

You can catch us at twitch.tv/storyluck. Here is a link to the FB invite if you prefer to sign up there. In the meantime check out how much Vanessa Loves Bad Star Trek.

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