Asher Stuhlman’s Step Into My Parlor… Games

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Step Into My Parlor… Games

Join us on Sunday

Story Luck is ecstatic to be partnering with Asher Stuhlman to support his Game Show, Step Into My Parlor… Games.

Chicago didn’t have a game show scene… until now. Do you love The Crystal Maze, Jeopardy, the Prices Right, Press Your Luck, the Wheel of Fortune? Can you imagine those shows if all the contestants were comedians? What if the shows happened in the comedian’s house? You’re starting to get a sense of how truely madcap this show is.

Asher Stuhlman creates Victorian style parlor games, and has contestants battle it out for fabulous prizes… prizes he makes them buy themselves. (From a thrift store.) 3/4ths of the show, is played out in front of the live audience while the other quarter happens out in the world, often live in Asher’s apartment. You get to see the expertly edited videos of said escapades as Asher calls out to the behind the scenes techie’s, “Play the clip!”

This is truly one of the most well produced, cared for and curated shows in Chicago. It’s ends up being heartwarming, as well as laugh till you hurt, funny. Which is hard to pull off.

Tickets are $12 and can be bought at BPT or at the door.

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