Non Profit Board

Non-Profit Board of Directors

Daniel Boyd

Daniel majored in creative writing at Otterbein College. After college he continued to write and participate in the storytelling communities he lived in until finally settling in Chicago.

Craig Weissman

Craig Weissman received a bachelor’s of arts in History from the University of Illinois. He proceeded to take accounting classes and sit for the CPA. He passed the Illinois CPA and continued his education at DuPaul University where he received a Masters in Tax. He is currently working as a CPA and is President of Weissman and Associates. He is active in the Illinois CPA society.

Noah Firestone

Noah is an accomplished programer and researcher with experience in a wide variety of media. He has contributed content to health-oriented organizations, as well as a number of not-for-profit concerns. Mr. Firestone spearheaded Journey to the End of the Night, Resist Columbus and currently teaches in Columbus Ohio.

Adam Baker

Adam graduated from The Ohio State University and received a Masters in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. He currently works as a computer programmer for Bank of America. He has been participating in the Chicago area arts community for over five years and has a strong commitment to Here’s the Story.


Susan Maller

Susan is a licensed and practicing CPA in IL, and was the controller at Girl Scouts of America for 10 years. She currently works for Wall Greens.

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