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Works for Story Luck as a writer and producer. Currently hosts Tertiary Delight along with Priyanka Das.

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Trish Sullivan

Trish Sullivan is a Chicago stand-up comedian and storyteller who has been described as having “big mom energy.” She has lived most of her life in Chicago but moved to Omaha, Nebraska, for two and a half years and began taking improv comedy classes and transitioned to stand up comedy. She came to storytelling by …

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99 Second Story

on a train

This is a true story. I like the way this turned out, I think it captures a little bit of that feeling of immediacy that you get when you’re in the room with me. Which is a big deal for me, most of the time, I tell a story. But this has given us the …

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Meander, Spiral, Explode

Good Book

Sometimes a book hits you different. I’ve been devouring books on writing. For some value of devour, I suppose. I read roughly 26 books last year. This pales in comparison to most of the people in my feed, but I’m generally a one book a month kind of reader.

This is a book that popped into my feed as a recommendation. Free for having an audible account. (If you have the 7.98 a month version, it’s in the Netflix style al la carte.) I wouldn’t have run into it otherwise.

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Workshop! Workshop!

Bob Dancer is the premier video poker writer and teacher. He’s been a successful professional gambler for decades. Click to see more about Bob and the story he’ll be working on.

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Workshopping a Workshop show!


How do people get good at storytelling? They practice. Friday 6-8pm Twitch.tv/storyluck Or sign up on Facebook!

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Storytelling Workshop Show

Bam Class Full

So I taught my the first online class last week. And though I had 8 people sign up, only two showed. Which is whomp-whomp. But it’s also an issue of me staying on top of the group who signed up. And just… helps me understand what was going on with things that irked me about the classes I took.

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Story Luck Workshop Show


We are building a storytelling workshop show… and we really want your feedback. So come join us tonight from 6-8pm. https://www.twitch.tv/storyluck We will be streaming live on twitch. If you’d like to tell a story DM me on Facebook for the google meet link! If you like to join FB event invites:https://www.facebook.com/events/2839208173022278/

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Beyond the Walls (no time like the present)

            What are the walls that hold us in? Keep us from trying. Hold us back.             Hold us back from what, I suppose… What stops us from seeing that there’s no time like the present. What do we need these walls for that seems only there to keep us from reaching the heights of …

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On the Nose

science image

This story explores emotional baggage. How would our social norms change if we could see concrete physical manifestations of love? Would we be bound to those we fell in love with? Or would we still occasional go our own way?

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What it means to be Friends with the Famous in 2020


This story took about 3 hours to write, and it touches on the idea surrounding how we don’t have language to describe celebrity friendship, and it poses the question, should we have paid friends? Should being a good friend, be a profession?

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