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Works for Story Luck as a writer and producer. Currently hosts Tertiary Delight along with Priyanka Das.

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Workshop Workshop Featuring Cat Dean

Many Faces of Cat Dean

I’m Cat Dean. I’m fairly new to storytelling, having only jumped right in with both feet in 2020. But, I have ventured to tell at several Moth events virtually, and with Grit–True Stories That Matter. I’m also a member of a local improv/sketch comedy theater group called Phoenix Theater Group. And, when I’m not doing …

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Narrative and the Sense of Self

Sense of Self

These posts are adapted from the 20 minute lessons on story telling presented by Dan at the beginning of our Workshop! Workshop! show. Narrative in the manner talked about the other day, allows us to have a cohesive sense of self over a vast level of time. We order events, imbue them with meaning, and …

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Top Ten Things I Learned from Snark King, David Sedaris’s Master Class (And my biggest takeaway.)

David Sedaris Looking Suave

David Sedaris has about 6hrs of content on Masterclass. After going through the course, here are my top 10 biggest take aways. For further reading about our review system go back to the first article here. (Affiliate Link) 1. Write all day. 4hrs minimum. 2. The opening line is everything. 3. Writing is rewriting. 4. …

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Danette Mark – Featuring @ Story Luck’s Workshop! Workshop!

Danette Mark

Danette Mark is an artist who chooses to express herself through the medium of stand-up comedy. She has been writing and performing comedy for the past 8 years in the Chicago-land area. She received formal training at Second City in Chicago in 2012. Danette’s style of comedy is anecdotal where she loves to joke and tell stories about her out-of-box way of thinking which affects all aspects of her life especially how she relates to others.

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M J Kang – Featuring @ Workshop! Workshop!

Workshop! Workshop! Monday 6pmTwitch.tv/storyluck M.J. Kang is a playwright, actor, storyteller and director. She has acted across stages in Canada, US and London, UK. Currently, she is part of the Playwrights Group at Company of Angels, working on the feature film, Moving Day, produced by Cotton Bush Productions, and directing long form narrative genre improv with …

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My Short Masterclass Story

What follows is my honest opinion; in addition, all links are affiliate links, and if I’m quoting anyone it’s a misquote. I’m not taking dictation while watching these courses. That said, I will never write about something just to sell you on it. I’m simply not interested in spending time writing negative reviews – I’m …

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Narrator Vs Character an Overview

Noah wrote 6 articles about this subject over the past two months. Here is the list of the articles all in one place, and a slight overview. Storytelling is a skill, similar to shooting a basketball or learning to code. You get better the more you do a dedicated kind of practice. Dedicated practice means, …

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99 Second storytelling Contest

Rules for contest

We’ve had two people submit stories so far! And they are great! (As always all our links are affiliate links, all our quotes are misquotes.) The above story is by Richard Munchkin. Below we have a story by Melissa Reaves. Prizes:1st place Story Prize: $752nd place Luck prize: $253rd place Ai prize: Secret 4 Rules …

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Suzii from Just Press Foreplay shares her story.

A story

We want to help people share their stories. That’s it.

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Workshoping with feature Rebecca Anderson


Rebecca Anderson is co-pastor at two Chicago churches. You can find her on Sunday mornings at Bethany UCC in Ravenswood (BethanyChicago.com), and Sunday evenings at Gilead, a queer, storytelling, bar church on Chicago’s north side — now a queer, storytelling, mostly-online church — that she planted with friend and colleague Vince Amlin (GileadChicago.org). Rebecca’s been …

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