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Works for Story Luck as a writer and producer. Currently hosts Tertiary Delight along with Priyanka Das.

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99 Second storytelling Contest

Rules for contest

We’ve had two people submit stories so far! And they are great! (As always all our links are affiliate links, all our quotes are misquotes.) The above story is by Richard Munchkin. Below we have a story by Melissa Reaves. Prizes:1st place Story Prize: $752nd place Luck prize: $253rd place Ai prize: Secret 4 Rules …

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Suzii from Just Press Foreplay shares her story.

A story

We want to help people share their stories. That’s it.

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Workshoping with feature Rebecca Anderson


Rebecca Anderson is co-pastor at two Chicago churches. You can find her on Sunday mornings at Bethany UCC in Ravenswood (BethanyChicago.com), and Sunday evenings at Gilead, a queer, storytelling, bar church on Chicago’s north side — now a queer, storytelling, mostly-online church — that she planted with friend and colleague Vince Amlin (GileadChicago.org). Rebecca’s been …

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Workshop! Workshop! Featuring Sean Wellington

Sean (Wellington) is a displaced NYer living in NC. He has never published a book, climbed a big mountain or mastered an instrument. He is, however, the founder of GRIT: True Stories that Matter, which produces weekly events, kickass workshops and two podcasts. And he is grateful to be workshoping with the rest of the …

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Heidi Grandberry Featuring


Heidi Grandberry was brought into this world against her will. Her childhood was spent in the Midwest where she became fluent in the language of Passive Aggression. Her comedy is dark while simultaneously engaging and thoughtful.

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Andrew Rios will be featuring at Workshop! Workshop!

Andrew Rios is a story artist, filmmaker, designer, all around creative, world’s greatest dad and husband. He’s good friends with Mac MacDevitt. Andrew is psyched to workshop with us and we are equally excited to see what he’s currently working on. You can catch us at twitch.tv/storyluck. Monday at 6pm Central. Here is a link to …

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99 Second Stories


We love this new genre. Embrace the 99 second format. We want to encourage you to tell your own 99 second stories. We want to encourage you to work on this video form. Play around with the video functions on your phone or your computer. Experiment with backgrounds. I think there are more performers out …

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Trish Sullivan

Trish Sullivan is a Chicago stand-up comedian and storyteller who has been described as having “big mom energy.” She has lived most of her life in Chicago but moved to Omaha, Nebraska, for two and a half years and began taking improv comedy classes and transitioned to stand up comedy. She came to storytelling by …

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99 Second Story

on a train

This is a true story. I like the way this turned out, I think it captures a little bit of that feeling of immediacy that you get when you’re in the room with me. Which is a big deal for me, most of the time, I tell a story. But this has given us the …

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Meander, Spiral, Explode

Good Book

Sometimes a book hits you different. I’ve been devouring books on writing. For some value of devour, I suppose. I read roughly 26 books last year. This pales in comparison to most of the people in my feed, but I’m generally a one book a month kind of reader.

This is a book that popped into my feed as a recommendation. Free for having an audible account. (If you have the 7.98 a month version, it’s in the Netflix style al la carte.) I wouldn’t have run into it otherwise.

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