Story Luck’s Workshop Workshop Featuring Shweta

Story Luck’s weekly dive into the Workshop Workshop format continues on Monday with special guest, Shweta. March 26th at 6pm central we will be having a lesson on storytelling and exploring two stories. The Story Luck Crew, along with a host of regulars in the Twitch chat will help us to actively listen. Thereby we set a good story onto the path of great. If you haven’t yet, click the link above, sign up for Twitch, and hit that follow button.

Shweta is featuring at Story Luck's Workshop Workshop

Growing up,

Shweta spun so fast and so hard, that when she sat down and closed her eyes, she imagined herself on a shuttle launching into space.

She put goldfish crackers in water and slept with a stuffed golden retriever puppy, in hopes that through some sort of sorcery they would become the real animal.

She learned how to smile only after she got braces, because her 13mm overbite was enough to make it look like she was always smiling.

Shweta is an Indian-American who was born and raised in a town where no one looked like her. She spent much of her childhood trying to understand why she inherited upper lip hair, while the others in her class waited eagerly for theirs or would draw them on as a costume. Yet she never felt disconnected. Due to the the rich tradition of storytelling she belongs to, (she grew up being read myths and stories,) she knew there was something that connected us all. Through stories she found that which makes us all similar.

In hopes of feeling less lonely, she started recreating the stories she was told. She’d make them into stories she could tell. Stories about herself that she could tell to anyone and anything. With a natural knack for numbers and patterns, each narrative sequence became another invitation to experience something mythic.

Stories became her compass, all while she was learning how to craft her own from the ones she saw lived out in front of her. Empowered by the praise of a linear path, she went to Brown University with every intention of becoming a doctor and graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Economics. (Of course, only after a hero’s journey of sorts.)

Moving to New York, she worked in financial engineering and consulting at Ernst and Young. There she learned, you can be successful but not happy, you can seem successful and feel much less so. What kept her there, other than the fear of the unknown and the path less linear? It was a connection to her clients. She was able to tell them their own stories, through data. She was able to speak with them, learn about them, and reassure them through the way in which she spoke. 

Taking the Best With You

Since leaving EY, she now serves as an insights guide. She finds that missing happiness working with high-school students to craft their own practice of self-study and self-compassion. This way, they embark on their journey to higher education better understanding themselves and their stories. After 6 years working in finance with Fortune 100 executives and billion dollar budgets, Shweta realized her true calling was in helping people find more compassion, connection, and resilience within themselves as they navigate significant life changes. She uses her innate magic of storytelling alongside personality sciences and Vedic counseling to help others find clarity within chaos. 

Workshop! Workshop!
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She is constantly writing, not because she is a writer, but because she is a teller, a sharer, and holder of the stories that make us all kin.

Workshop Workshop
Monday March 29th
6pm Central
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