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99 Second Story by Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein 99 Second Storyteller

Jeff Stein is an award winning storyteller and toastmaster. Here he shares a 99 second story with Story Luck for our 99 Second Storytelling Contest.

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99 Second Story by Walt Belcher

Walt Belcher Tells a 99 Second Story

On March 31st we will be sharing all of the stories people shared with us over the past two months during our 99 Second Story Contest. There you’ll be able to vote on this one!

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99 Second Story Featuring – Jay Rohr

Jay Rohr dark 99 second stories

So many good lines in this story. My current favorite, “Believe it or not, I didn’t die.” Levels of funny. I played this to one of our board members and he said, “That’s some good shit,” three times. Jay Rohr reminds me of a roommate I had after college. A loveable kind of gristle. There’s …

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99 Second storytelling Contest

Rules for contest

We’ve had two people submit stories so far! And they are great! (As always all our links are affiliate links, all our quotes are misquotes.) The above story is by Richard Munchkin. Below we have a story by Melissa Reaves. Prizes:1st place Story Prize: $752nd place Luck prize: $253rd place Ai prize: Secret 4 Rules …

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