The Official Slacker’s MasterMind

Claire Taitte

Meet Your Hosts:
Despite being a slacker and unsure of what she wanted to be when she grew up, Claire somehow managed 20-year corporate career in leadership at Southwest Airlines. In 2020, she jumped out of an airplane to gain the courage for a career change. She took a one-year sabbatical with the goal of finding a second career with greater social impact. She’s since launched a new career as a mediator with some aviation consulting on the side. Claire is also a cancer survivor and avid swing dancer. Her happy place is a redwood forest.

Daniel Andrew Boyd

Dan believes, inexplicably, that this is the best possible timeline.

Or maybe not so inexplicably? How else could one explain that he has got to spend his entire life, cavorting with close friends, making more and more along the way.

He wants you to realize your past success and use those wins to actualize on greater feats of creativity.

David Nuñez

Academia is the perfect place for slackers to hang out! Find him sharing research as Director of Tech at MIT Museum • This sharing helps you keep up with trends in emerging technology & how it will transform your life • Future of Work.

Follow him on Twitter @DavidNunez where he hosts Squishy Robots, Yes! A live podcast on Twitters Spaces that focuses on how technology reveals the human.

We Appreciate You.

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