TJ Sopoci Feat Monday May 24th @ the Workshop Workshop

We are happy to have TJ Sopoci come back and share a story with us.

TJ Sopoci is a data scientist, comedian, podcaster, writer, photographer, musician and content creator.  His is truly an inspirational tale of the Irrational Confidence of White Male Mediocrity  If you look up the term Multi-Hyphenate, you’re likely to see a picture of TJ.  Along with his co-host Gena Grish, TJ helms a top 100 podcast on the Apple Comedy Podcast charts called Menage-A-Pod.  This comedy podcast about sex, dating and relationships was born in the aftermath of the two hosts having a chance encounter on a dating app, but has lead to the growth of TJ’s other creative endeavors.  In 2020, in spite of the world going through a pandemic, TJ was able to get a successful photography and digital content creation business off the ground, as well as establishing himself as an up and coming talent in the Chicago stand up comedy scene.  TJ is, first and foremost, a connector and uses his audience and various platforms to help lift up the Chicago Comedy Scene at large.  Through free and low cost headshots, helping producing and co produce shows and web series (like Sweet Opinions with comedians Paul Farahvar and Tristan Triptow) with other comics, participating in writing rooms and making sure to use his podcast as a platform for a diverse array of voices in the Chicago creative community, TJ never stops connecting, creating and engaging.
To find out more about TJ go to linktr.ee/chicagocaferacer

Workshop Workshop!
Monday May 24th
(Facebook invite)

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