Dan Boyd

Works for Story Luck as a writer and producer. Currently hosts Tertiary Delight along with Priyanka Das.

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Our New Little Buddy SL1K

Running high five

Your first look at SL1K!

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An Incomplete List of Failure

Listen. Tell. Create. I am deeply proud of the work Story Luck has done, the Story Luck Show was awesome, Producing Robot Apocalypse: Journey to the End of the Night continues to be the highlight of my career as an artist. There are pieces the hosts of A Month Of… wrote that make me tear …

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Welcome to My Parlor… Games!

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Daily recap

Got one more Volunteer for Journey. Uploaded the last podcast raw file for Priyanka Das. Emailed Eco to see if they wanted to host Journey on Sept 22nd. Held a board meeting. Discussed Journey being our #1 priority, finances and budget for the year, it looks like we have about 25k currently, but Susan will …

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Daily Round up 6/16

Hey All, Reached out to marketing guru for Journey Prep. Saw a show to write about. Had meetings with two people on how the podcast would run slowly firming up dates. And I’m done for the night!

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Daily Recap 6/20/18

Hey all, Failed to write article. Posted once to insta. Had meetings about super secret sticker club with possible AD. And phone meetings with Susan and Noah. Contacted instagram support due to technical issue, will be resolved on the 24th. Need to email people about Journey tomorrow. Man, it felt like I did more today, …

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Daily Recap 6/26/18

Did some Journey work Finished a podcast Hitting the hay

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Daily Round up 6/15/2018

Hey all, Had a big day today. Sent 4 emails coordinating dates for Tertiary Delight. Confirmed 100% Journey for Sept.  Specific Date TBA. But Def Sept. Continued looking for AD for the sticker project. Had meeting with Priyanka Das. Came up with interview questions for TD. Story Luck fund continues to grow every day due …

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Daily Round Up Thread 6/20

Hey All, Did an interview. Got confirmation of two more but haven’t Made $5 for Story Luck. (Better than nothing.) Worked on Roman Susan Collaboration plans. Journey Sept emails written. Called Noah Treasurer. Called Susan Accountant. Discussed origin story write up and live show plan. Writers blocked on 3 articles that need to be written …

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Daily Recap July 1st

Confirmed eco as ending for Sept 22nd – Just have to sign a contract. Worked on JV article. That’s all for today.  Sorry folks.

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