Your Experiences Need to be Shared. But no One has Time to Listen. 99 Seconds Grant You Access to Audience.

I was skeptical of the 99 second story.

Stephanie Rodgers of Story Jam first introduced it to me. And I was all… naw. I hate the Moth’s soft 6 minutes! (You know they hate it as well! All their celebrity features get TedTalk 18s or more.)

For my predilections, the perfect je ne sais quoi comes in at Write Club’s 8-10.

That was, until I met Sean Wellington.

Where I got invited to be a part of Story Swap.

Now, twice a week, I get to rub elbows with a collection of the fifteen best first person narrative storytellers on the scene. (For an idea of how amazing these people are, 7 of the 9 slots in NSNs Grand Slam were filled with Swappers. Slot 8 was MJ Kang who started what is now Story Luck’s Feedback Loop. We meet on Sundays.)

Sean slams.

99 Second Slam Efficianados

Sean slams 99s.

Here’s the main take away for you, they are accessible.

“What, you want me to get on stage and pour my heart out, and risk being vulnerable? You want me to fight my imposter syndrome and overwhelm to entertain and enlighten a crowd of people?!”

Yeah but only for 99 seconds.

Here are 17 people who put pen to paper. Fought the demon that is turning on the camera. And they shared with you, soulful stories that are 100% worth 99 seconds of your day.

Every single one of them will tell you what I’ve learned in practicing them twice a week for the last six months.

99 second stories will change your life.

For a couple minutes, pop some digital popcorn into your brain.

Then throw these storytellers a follow.

Here are Your 99 Second Story Contestants

Sharon Eisner

Cat Dean

Johanne Pelletier

Silva Clark

Richard Munchkin

Tracey L Croiseir

Melissa Reaves

Chandreyee Lahiri

Lauren Kelliher

Emily P

Mark Modell


Christel Bartelse

Aditya Surendran

Jay Rohr

Eris Janacek

Nadia Felecan

Tuesday the 31st we will be live streaming all these stories.
You can RSVP on Facebook or Follow us on Twitch.

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