Being a Kid is Hard, in 99 Seconds Sharon Shares What Mothers can do to Protect their Children.

Here at Story Luck we love this 99 second format originally championed by Steph Rogers from Story Jam. Brought to even greater heights by Sean Wellington of Grit Podcast.

We want to put our mark on this by exploring and make space for more video collaboration.

On Aug 23rd we will be running our first Video Storytelling Cohort.

If this is something that interests you? Sign up to be on our wait list here. We will be opening slots for the Oct Cohort on Sept 13th.

I can tell you, Mama Grizzly energy is real.

Having moments where your parents actually stand up for you, even if their words were just as inappropriate as the words being spoken to you is uplifting to hear. Hearing your mother repeat the same refrain back to the crowd that was criticizing you, was so uplifting.

Way to go Mom!

Tuesday Night we will be live streaming all these stories.
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