Ten Showcase 99 Second Stories

Tonight! Tuesday Aug 31st
6pm Central

Thank you so much for coming to this show tonight!

I’ve been producing live events with Story Luck for eleven years, 2020 changed how I think about shows.

Having access to this streaming format has completely transformed me. I’d never have found 99 second stories without having gone through this pandemic experience. Before Zoom. Before the shut down… I yearned to create online content, and empower people to do the same. But the technology and the will wasn’t there yet.

You’ve gone from eight videos submitted during our first season to eighteen this season!

Now, we’ve culled those eighteen down to ten. Ten final 99 Second Video Stories for you to watch with us live during the Twitch stream tonight. Tuesday Aug 31st at 6pm.

Streaming these stories allows for that communal energy. That experience is key to that immediacy and connection I felt was missing from the vlog format. Feeling the buzz of the chat as people joke, send emojis, slip into each other’s dms and shout via all caps, “I LOVE THIS STORY!” That emboldens connection, of course, but also gets people to want to create stories all their own.

That’s Story Luck’s core mission. To inspire you to Listen, Tell and Create new stories.

With streaming, with video stories, we get such a broader reach than ever before. You can be shy. You can have ideas for stories outside of personal narrative. You can be on the other side of the world, and still meet your audience where they are. As this show grows, it’ll be more amazing each time.

Now with the end of season two we are offering you a chance to vote. But to do so, you’ll need to have a Twitch account. Go there now, sign up and follow us.

In these ten stories, you have a masterclass in the three act structure.

You will be taken on ten journeys. Brought into the boxing ring, where you feel the fatigue in your arms as you get pounded again and again in the head. Taken to the kitchen counter where a mother shares a candid conversation with her young son. Later she learns the power of American Fusion Pot Pies! From there, you slink into a classroom full of sweaty children going through the nervous, fart educing, trauma-edy of active shooter drills.

Stories of Covid. Tales of family. Stories of fighting for what’s yours and realizing, “I’m in the boy’s club now.”

Now You Have to Decide on a Winner!

How could you ever?

Here are some things to think about before you run over to the voting page.

Courage – It takes some to get on any stage. More courage to tape that moment and share it with the world. Even at an event as friendly as Story Luck’s 99 Second Video Slam. In what ways is this person brave in sharing themselves via this format?

Honesty –
Goes hand-in-hand with Courage. Is this person sharing something true? A person can tell the truth in a story, whether it be fact or fiction.

Structure –
Is the story well-wrought? Is there a clear beginning, middle and end? It’s not always easy to wrap the extraordinary in the trappings of structure – but well worth it!

Timing – A singular and personal thing… did the teller mete out their energy well through the piece? How’s about the revelation of events? Was there comic timing? Did it end with weight in a way that felt like the ending came at the end?

Noah Dancing
Storytelling is life of the party stuff!

Johanne Pelletier

Chandreyee Lahiri

Christel Bartelse

Aditya Surendran

Silvana Clark

Jay Rohr

Nadia Felecan

Mark Modrall

Lauren Kelliher

Tracey L Croiseir

Vote for one of these 99 Second Stories to be this season’s winner.

Vote Here!

Our next 99 second video contest is underway! Be inspired. Share your 99 Second Story with the world. RSVP for the show here.

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