Your Reach is Further than You Realize. The Motivated Mindset Dancers Story.

If you’re creating content regularly, people read it.

What often feels like an insurmountable amount of physical space, is cut to nothing by the internet. Brian Otieno Owino, sitting at a computer, reading other’s output and working on the book that will one day be his life story… that’s how he found me. We connected through our stories. At first through a creative writing Facebook group but then through DMs and tagged posts. We chatted about story and non fiction writing.

Brian is a writer and a voracious reader. A creative through and through he turned to teaching dance as his main outlet. He’s team, Motivated Mindset Dancers has a big dance competion coming up, but I want you to know him first.

Brian has Loved Dancing His Whole Life!

Brian Otieno Owino
Lead Coach Motivated Mindset Dancers

While some in his youth encouraged him, his parents where strict and felt that dance was an academic distraction. So he tried to take a break. It didn’t sit right with him. Dance was what made life fun. You work to dance, you study so that you can create more art!

So intuitively, he took a page out of Jame’s Clear’s Atomic Habits, and make dance his micro habit. He’d set aside 20 minutes a day to be his sacred hours and he’d just dance, everyday.

It turns out, daily practice works. (Ask Steve Martin.)

As an adult Brian tried to find a 9-5 and live that life his parents were hoping for him… but he struggled with motivation and success in those areas.

He thought, “What if I leaned into this dance stuff? What if I gave kids the outlet I wanted?” He started teaching kids dance moves, filming them, and sharing them on social. Their following grew and so did his passion.

You can check out the Motivated Mindset Dancers on Facebook.

The testimonials in that video are moving. Someone I’d never met if it weren’t for writing every day, touched me with their story. And I thought it was worth sharing with everyone.

These kids are winners. They’ve done a lot of competitions and are gaining traction all around Africa. Take a feel good micro break to support them.

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Your Vote Helps!

The Motivated Mindset Dancers are currently in a competition.

This is open for the public to vote on! So please do.



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2. Sign your name and email address
3. Your nominee Name is: MOTIVATED MINDSET DANCERS
5. Just say something positive (How we are impacting the lives of kids in Madoya through dance.)
6. Submit your vote!

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