Round 2 of Our Free Storytelling Workshop

If you missed out on the last workshop we are running another one Saturday Dec 4th and Sunday Dec 5th. 8pm Central. Just fill out the form below.

Day 1 will have a short lesson followed by a creativity faucet. Via an open story swap we will get all our top of mind stories out. That’ll help us get to know each other. Everyone will have a chance to tell a story and friendships will ensue.

This is to ease in and build trust amongst the group. As day 2 will be more intense.

Day 2 will be a longer lesson followed by a 1 on 1 teaching lesson between myself and a storyteller from day 1. I’ll be reaching out for volunteers after day one. 

This is to ease in and build trust amongst the group. As day 2 will be more intense.

Two friends looking at each other.

The words Advanced storytelling is just sharing with friends.


What if I can only make one session?
That’s fine. Come to as many as you can. Feel free to quietly drop in and drop out as time permits.

Will it be recorded and shared?
No. The gathering is designed to be a private space. And I ask that no one records on their own.

The course said it was advanced, will I be lost?

Naw, you’ll be fine. The school house style of teaching is very effective. Being around people who are further along will raise you up. Plus, it’s low stakes, in the end we are just sharing stories and learning about a craft we love.

For those who get lost, well at least you’re lost with a bunch of cool friends. 

If I miss this meeting will I still be able to get a discount for the 6 week class?

Fill out the form, and you will have access to the coupon code for the 6 week class.

  • If you are having any issues email Support@storyluck.org and we can add you manually.

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