Story Luck Talks: Your Origin Story. Twitter Spaces Story Hour.

Story Luck loves going to other shows and reaching new audiences. Because then we get to introduce you to new shows!

Spaces StoryHour A story to be seen and heard with Dan Boyd.

Who is the best storyteller in your family?

That text is overplayed over dan walking through a field.

It was an honor to be on @thesocialaudioguy‘s Twitter Spaces Story Hour. Chris’s fans were absolutely generous. He’s created a Twitter Space where everyone lays down their weapons. Where no one’s afraid to embrace love and affection.

In this episode I open talking about my Uncle Bob.

Origin Stories

The beauty of the origin story is that you live it over and over again.

So while in the podcast I talk about listening to Uncle Bob tell amazing stories… the point I’m making is that origin stories don’t just happen once. They get reinforced through new experiences.

I am all in on storytelling, it’s what I love more than anything else in the world.

Because for me… falling in love with story keeps getting renewed. There’s a constant stream of stories that shift my perspective, change me life, and set my heart’s fire ablaze.

Any tipping point is an origin story. These stories answer questions like: Why do you love what you love? Why are you who you are? What are your transformation moments?

But it doesn’t end after that first moment of change. If it did, the change wouldn’t stick.

Workshopping with the Audience

About an hour into the podcast we switched gears and got Dee to come up and join us on Twitter Spaces Story Hour.

You get to see first hand, our 5L1K method as we lead her through the deep listening process. Storytelling always has to start with listening because, if your audience doesn’t feel heard, they will not be able to hear your story. So as a coach I’m constantly reviewing and updating my listening habits.

Dee tells a beautiful story regarding the kindness of strangers.

It’s an alone in the crowd story… with an unexpected celebrity cameo.

After the telling, Dee and I share a discussion where we start to probe some of her storytelling predilections. She says, “I like to keep it short that way I don’t waste people’s time.” We ask her what she thinks the story is about and we discuss ways to showcase that theme statement.

For telling a wonderful story, for listening to me, and for allowing me to listen to you… Thank you so much, Dee.

To everyone reading this blog post… well if you’re looking to hear another Story Luck story… check out the work we did for Story Collider.

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