You Want to Change Lives With Your Story. This Storytelling Class is For You.

Storytelling, Voice and Sense of Self – Advanced Sessions

February 28th thru April 14th 2022

 You’re lucky to live in a world where all it takes is a story to change someone’s life forever.

Your stories, properly told, are a conduit for positive change.

This class, will teach you how to connect to the people you love, bring them to tears, have them rolling in the aisles with laughter, and most wonderful of all, change how they view the world!

Storytelling is the narrative glue that holds the world together.

You’re a Storyteller, and so you have an origin story.

A favorite uncle who lights up the room with his anecdotes of youthful folly.   

A grandmother who you’d always cajole, “Tell us how you met Grandpa again!”

You have an itch to tell stories and enrapture a crowd. You want to entertain, touch hearts, and explore the minds of others, just as loved ones have done for you. When you translate your lived experiences into stories, you’re remembered forever.

What Makes Story Compelling?

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You take a course on storytelling, you win a story slam, you take another class and you think… “What’s next?”

Story Luck was born of that question, and now we’re ready to share the answer with you.

We’ve found, after years of teaching people the art of narrative performance, the biggest problem, is when you haven’t found your unique voice. This problem emerges when you move out of the early stages of crafting a story too soon.

Misunderstandings in the nature of the primary rules, be it three act structure, show don’t tell, or any of the other assembly line style storytelling buzzwords, cause you to take a nascent story and put someone else’s spin on it.

Instead of focusing immediately on structure and gilding…

              Our methodology gets you to spend more time in the place of play and in thoughtful contemplation before applying structure.

You’ve been telling stories your whole life, you’ve got tips, tricks, and craft that you’ve used and honed, this is a class that will get you to exercise new creative muscles because that’s where your voice will be found.

If you’re looking at stretching where personal narrative can go, and discussing why it’s so important, this is the class for you.

Story Luck Presents:

This workshop will be lead by your favorite blue haired Story Lion, Daniel Andrew Boyd. 

Dan has been producing storytelling shows for over 11 years. Has studied tirelessly and most of all, loves listening to your stories. Listening with delight is key.

Some kind words about Dan:
(Link takes you to more testimonials on Instagram.)

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If you’d like to hear him in action you can hear him most recently on the Grit Podcast, Story Collider, or check out his coaching work with The Social Audio Guy.

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(Advanced 1 is a prerequisite for Advanced 2)

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