A YouTube Cohort You’ll Love

At Story Luck we know you are the kind of person who watches YouTube, and you think, “I could do that!”


Maybe you’ve watched some videos by Sean Cannell, CinemaSins or Ron Hazelton and you’ve thought, “I should do that! There’s a gold mine in creating and advertising via video.”

Imagine, you’ve got your frameworks and your workflows down, so you spend 1 day prepping and preparing videos. And a 2nd day shooting them. Then a third day editing and queuing them up for the rest of the week. All the sudden, you’ve got a 4 day weekend, money, likes and attention is running on autopilot.

But in order to get there, you’re going to have to spend countless hours learning the skills so that you can build those frameworks.

The problem is, most YouTube courses cost $3,000 or more! 👇🏻

You haven’t even made more than a dozen videos, heck… while that dream up there is nice… what if you don’t even like coming up with video ideas, shooting them, or editing them? Is it worth thousands of dollars to find out video production doesn’t suit you?

This makes you feel defeated before you’ve even started.

We believe that everything in life is a skill. That if you work together, with a group of like minded individuals, you’ll end up creating meaningful work that’s bigger than yourself, even if you don’t go on to pursue it as a full time career.

We understand being overwhelmed. YouTube is the hardest digital platform to grow on. It’s hard to get started, due to that feeling of defeat, it’s filled with a lot of technical issues, and there are new skills that, let’s be honest… aren’t easy to intuit by yourself. (What’s an L cut? Or a hamburger timeline?)

That’s why we’ve spent the last year, studying books on video creation, taking other people’s courses, and running our own.

Our $150 Class, Is Geared For People Starting Out:

  • Step one: Sign up for our YouTube Class.
  • Step two: Digest the bonus email course.
  • Step three: Come to class with peers who understand right where you’re at in your journey.

So, Click Here Now, so you can stop wondering if YouTube is the place you should be, and start gaining friends, skills, and clients via your videos.

This class will be 4 weeks, you’ll meet once a week with a bonus session each week for those who miss the class. (The videos will be recorded so you can watch them forever!)

At the end of this 4 weeks you’ll have created 4 evergreen videos!

I’m excited to join you on this journey, and to share with you all I’ve learned about the platform this year.

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