Narrator Vs Character an Overview

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Noah wrote 6 articles about this subject over the past two months.

Here is the list of the articles all in one place, and a slight overview.

Storytelling is a skill, similar to shooting a basketball or learning to code. You get better the more you do a dedicated kind of practice.

Dedicated practice means, you set goals, you get a coach and you review your work. These articles are part of that review process.

You implicitly use two modes of self when describing stories. 1 is that of the narrator, the other is that of you as character. You switch seamlessly and effortlessly between these two senses of self as you tell your story.

For more in depth discussion of these topics check out the list below.

Here is the full list.

Learning is a Skill:

Using your Narrational Powers:

A Quick Example of Narrator Vs. Charater:

Storytelling As Theater:

Character Vs Narrator: Where is your Sympathy:

Character Vs. Narrator as Storytelling Concept:

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