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Tech Bros, in Heaven

Dude, what do you think about these convolutional neural networks we’ve switched over to? They’re rocking it right? Totally! Throughput is through the roof, the clients are loving it, and now that we’ve got it set up we basically sit back and let it do all the work! I know Peter is fucking loving it …

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Welcome to My Parlor… Games!

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Postcards from The Kates to ECLT

So Elizabeth is having her 1 year anniversary at Phyllis’s Musical Inn I first met her at a place called Trace, which had a ten year open mic run. She’s taken a lot of, what I think was Trace’s open spirit and brought it to Division Street. I’m very much looking forward to this August 10th show.

The last show I got to go to was Kelsie Huff’s, The Kates at the book cellar.

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