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Danette Mark is an artist who chooses to express herself through the medium of stand-up comedy. She has been writing and performing comedy for the past 8 years in the Chicago-land area. She received formal training at Second City in Chicago in 2012. Danette’s style of comedy is anecdotal where she loves to joke and tell stories about her out-of-box way of thinking which affects all aspects of her life especially how she relates to others. She is a free-thinking individual who loves to share her unique perspectives on life, love, humanity, culture, spirituality or whatever else she deems talk worthy.

Danette has been a producer of  small venue comedy shows since 2015.  She is currently in the process of writing her first stand-up comedy special entitled “Look What Danette Did”: a raw reveal of personal truth and insanely deep perspectives. Danette will be launching her “No More Bullshit” comedy tour which is set to start in mid June. This Midwest/East Coast stand-up comedy tour is where she will drop the bullshit and suck you into the present with her crafty truth-telling comedy. All done in fun of course so stay tuned for show dates! 

Danette Mark
Danette Mark

If you really want to see what you’ll be getting tune into Danette Mark’s Ahh..You Get it Podcast which can be found on SoundCloud and Spotify. It is a solo podcast that takes listeners on a journey through her stream of consciousness, the place where truth unravels. It all happens in the moment and is pretty intense at times. Anything goes on the AYGI podcast. There’s not one story she wouldn’t tell, not one truth she wouldn’t reveal and not one lie she wouldn’t confess to. Its a true expression of freedom and letting go with the knowing that it all gets revealed anyway. This podcast is for people who understand or want to understand that we truly are in charge of our own destiny.  

Nothing Danette Mark does is for the weak at heart. To be a true fan of Danette’s means to be a wildly open soul who craves truth and love for all that exists. 

Explore story with us as we deepen our understanding of the 5L1K Method.

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