Postcards from The Kates to ECLT

So, Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing (held at Phyllis’s Musical Inn) is having it’s one year anviversary! I was first introduced to Miss Harper by a wonderful lady by the name of Brandie Madrid. We were all at a show called Trace that had a ten year open mic run before moving on to Weeds. She’s taken a lot of what I liked about Trace’s spirit, spontaneity, diversity, a hard liquored backdrop, and brought it to Division Street. I’m very much looking forward to this August 10th show.

Speaking of shows we like, I was graced with the good fortune to hit up Kelsie Huff’s The Kates at The Book Cellar.

A great little-big bookstore in the heart of Lincoln Square. They promote and house a ton of literary events, so be sure to check them out.

There we got a sweet postcard to send to Elizabeth’s Crazy Litttle Thing:

Thanks Kelsie!

And thanks Hal for writing us up that great story.

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