May 4th Storytelling Picnic at Stage 773

So people ask, “What is this Here’s the Story?” And if you didn’t know me, you’d think having been there as the germination seeds were sown I’d know the answer. That I’d understand, at least, my own vision for it. But I sort of don’t understand, and honestly I sort of don’t want to understand. Because to understand it would likely paint me as an architect, and rather than be an archetect I think what Janna, the others and I want is for us to just be open and present to the storytelling movement here in Chicago. A movement that is organic in nature, in that it’s real, and not caused by astroturffing, slick adds, (of which there are a few,) or big money. It’s coming from elsewhere, it’s coming from more people connecting, it’s coming from people from diverse backgrounds saying, “Hey this is cool, let’s be involved.”

Poster For May

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The New Design is Here

A quick sneak peak at Amy Kuttab‘s Tshirt Design for next month’s show. Thank’s Amy!

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The T-shirts are Finished

So we’ve been remiss in posting articles, but it’s in part because we’ve been busy having so many adventures. That means when we do get the time to sit down and set things to screen we’ll have a lot of content forthcoming. And speaking of screens! Here’s the Story spent all night working on hand-printing …

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Facebook Invite is up, Thanks, and Coming Soon

So I just want to give a quick update on the April 6th potluck. The event has been posted on Metromix, and Zombie Chicago has been kind enough to plug the event as well. My good friend Noah saved me the horrible fate of making a Facebook of which I have an irrational fear. For …

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Mockup of the T-shirt Has Arrived

April 6th Zombie Jesus Easter Potluck Party! 7:30-??? Come, bring food, bring brains, dress up! Free

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Our Friends Issue 2: Video Games

I missed a reading that Sam had invited me to, but that’s okay because I missed it to see this month’s Encyclo Show. Last month I’d let them borrow two double A batteries and in appreciation they gave me a free ticket, but probably-mostly I went because Video Games was the topic. I am going …

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Zombie Jesus Easter Potluck Party

So I was sitting around in Nathan’s sun room, just kibitzing while he did some computer chicanery, “Listen, Janna can’t make the first show and she’s the pull for getting people to show up. So I was thinking, why don’t I just throw a party?” He asks me, “What’s the theme?” “I got nothing. I …

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Our Friends Issue 1: Bike Riding Fiesta

  Essay Fiesta is run by Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon. I was first introduced to the wonderful world/community of Book Cellar literati by my friend and Here’s the Story comrade Janna Sobel. It is on my mind today because I, along with about a dozen other fans, had gone out to see her perform …

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Here is the Story is a touch under construction at the moment. Thank you for putting up with any hiccups over the next few weeks as the design is hammered out and functions are implemented. More exciting for you, a super secret kickoff show is in the works! Clues on who might be there and …

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