Here’s the Story goes to Essay Fiesta!

Here’s the Story’s Janna Sobel received the honored request to feature at the illustrious Essay Fiesta! Essay Fiesta happens once a month at the Book Cellar.

And I might have more to say about the evening later, but I think I’ll start here:

Translated to the best of my ability:

Everyone has some insecurity about the way they look at some point in their lives. In my case, as a young lass(ie), I once went through the drive through of a bank with my mom. They usually would give a sucker if there was a child in the car. On this day though, my mom opened the canister to find a dog biscuit inside instead. They mistook my long glorious hair for dog ears.

I think it’s good to remember “Everyone has some insecurity…” and I never want to share a story I wouldn’t be willing to share myself, so on that note,

I have two insecurity stories to share:

1.) Once while down in Ohio, a man cat-called me from the passenger seat of a car. Like the writer above I had long luscious locks. When this man realized I didn’t have the bits between my legs he’d expected, he had his buddy slow the car down so that he could change his incantation from, “hey baaaaaabe,” to, “Faggot!” Then they sped away.

2.) When asked how tall I am, I totally undercut my height by up to four inches if I think I can get away with it. This is a strange way of being defiant in the face of my insecurities regarding height.

Thanks for the postcard and thanks for the show, Essay Fiesta. If anyone has quirky insecurity stories to share, do so in the comments!

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