People to Thank, and Room for You to Comment!

We will be putting up a sentimental, heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in Journey to the End of the Night, probably Thursday, (I have a lot to say) but I wanted to get a little memento from the night up today. We will be taking two weeks to come up with a good ending based on the stories we heard/collected/shared. We will post that story on Monday Oct. 3rd as a featured article here. Meanwhile we will be posting scattering thoughts about the night, and work on how best to collect and present the creative work that the runners and robots did to help make the night. We will also be posting the race stats we collected. (As well as continue with the normal Here’s the Story articles.)

In regards to the final outcome of Robot Apocalypse the survivors made varying choices. Some of you wrote some detailed instructions, and we will integrate those into the final spin to the best of our ability. If anyone wants to email me the reasoning behind how they chose to stay or go, I’d love to hear it.

This is an event we’d love to do again, flesh out, broaden upon, and expand. I know a couple people wanted to know about the logistics of running it themselves. I will be happy to answer those questions. Email me or throw them in the comments below.

If you have reflections on the Journey, thoughts, comments, suggestions, stories! shoot them to us below as well.

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered, some of whom were people I got to meet for the first time last night. One I never even met! Volunteers were not just involved in checkpoint duties. It took a lot of behind the scenes work to put this together. We had artists working on the trophies, fliers, award designs, friends from out of town running out to the hardware store, writers from the Chicago literary community, a member from our board showed up and threw down an extra 2$ so the first runner could get his card lamented without running to the bank! From the sounds of it a million Chicagoan bystanders got into this event and helped runners and robots alike. Stage773 stayed open late for us. Janna Sobel weaved her ever present magic all night long. The list of people to thank goes on.

Everyone gave all night long, generously, and with the spirit the night was intended to have. I hope to see you all in the coming months. Oct 12th is our next show and stay tuned for future special events. I am humbled and grateful that I could be a part of a story so diverse and so cool.

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