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Richard Munchkin’s 99 Second, Covid Hair, Fiasco Story

Richard Munchkin Shares a 99 Second Story

Story Luck is working on a YouTube Class.

We believe you have stories to share. Those stories don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be crafted over years. But we do want you to share them. There are many ways for you to share the stories of your life.

If you don’t take our course, find an open mic. Stories on stage, there’s nothing like it.

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Being a Kid is Hard, in 99 Seconds Sharon Shares What Mothers can do to Protect their Children.

Kids on the steps

Here at Story Luck we love this 99 second format originally championed by Steph Rogers from Story Jam. Brought to even greater heights by Sean Wellington of Grit Podcast. We want to put our mark on this by exploring and make space for more video collaboration. On Aug 23rd we will be running our first …

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Your Experiences Need to be Shared. But no One has Time to Listen. 99 Seconds Grant You Access to Audience.

I was skeptical of the 99 second story. Stephanie Rodgers of Story Jam first introduced it to me. And I was all… naw. I hate the Moth’s soft 6 minutes! (You know they hate it as well! All their celebrity features get TedTalk 18s or more.) For my predilections, the perfect je ne sais quoi …

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An Interview as Means of Understanding Technique. Noah Firestone Talks With Storyteller, Dan Boyd.

Noah Dancing

Noah Firestone asks Dan Boyd some deep philosophical questions about portraying different characters while telling personal stories.

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YouTube Course Sign UP

YT and CBC coming out of the mouth of a mystical black and white witchy creature

Aug 23rd Cohort is full. So! Add your name to our email list here and we will put you on the wait list for the next cohort. We will be offering those signing up here a deep discount on the next six week cohort. Over the next six weeks we will be learning together. Week …

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You Think You’re Bad at Storytelling. Let’s Give You Another Way to Look at It.

Mindset Shift

If you think you can’t get better at storytelling, you’re wrong. Let Carol Dweck explain skills with incremental theory.

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Kairos Changes Lives. Amanda Gorman’s Moment in History Exemplifies How.

Amanda Gorman

Eric Charles White, in Kaironomia: On the Will-To-Invent, defined kairos as “a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.” A transient moment, seized with design, leading to dreams fulfilled. Kairos plucks success out of the random winds of mere “opportunity” and grants us …

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Congratulations to Melissa Reaves 99 Second Video Winner

Melissa Reaves 1280 x 720

Melissa Reaves is a professional and award-winning storyteller and a storytelling coach to executives. Her sales and marketing background includes more than 20 years in technology enterprise sales, as well as countless stage credits as a professional actor/improviser. This combination of sales, marketing, acting, writing, directing and producing storytelling shows, ultimately led her to found Story Fruition to …

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Workshopping Stories with Nick Baskerville June 28th

Nick Baskerville Headshot

Nick tells personal narrative stories that have been featured on shows for The Moth, The Story Collider, and the Armed Service Arts Performance (ASAP) Program to name a few. In 2020, Nick joined the storytelling instructional staff for ASAP. Nick is often a host for ASAP and Better Said Than Done shows both virtually and …

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Do Your Friends Inspire You? Ronna J Levy Inspires Me. Inspiration Matters.


Sitting in the back seat of the car, 14-year-old me telling my father and my Uncle Bob funny stories about my friends… My dad takes a moment, gets serious and says, “You know, it’s good to have funny friends. But if you have smart friends, you’ll get smarter. And what I appreciate about the friends …

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