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Payton Frisinger Featuring @ Story Luck’s Workshop Workshop

Payton Frisinger Workshop Workshop

Hi there, I’m Payton Frisinger. I’m just a girl from Northwest Arkansas who has studied and participated in acting and public speaking from a young age. I’ve recently been working on my comedy and story-telling to be able to perform on other platforms besides my shower.  I believe sharing our stories is one of the …

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Twitch’s RedBeard Featuring on Workshop Workshop

RedBeard Twitch Streamer

A former stand-up comedian turned line cook turned IT support worker now doing content creation via youtube and twitch as a side hustle. Tries to have fun with his community playing a variety of games, some hard, some chill, some horror. Also once a week hosts a gaming news podcast with a friend where they …

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Amrita Joins us April 19th 6pm Workshop Workshop Style

Amrita Workshop Storyteller

Amrita Dhaliwal, she/her/hers, is a Jane of all trades and Queen of all of them because she can and she does. Amrita is currently the Managing Director and an instructor for the Idiot Workshop. Most recently Amrita co-authored and curated an essay series for HowlRound about clown and activism with Nathaniel Justiniano of Naked Empire Bouffon Company. She also won Best Comedy at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival for The Living Room, which she had been touring the world with Gemma Soldati.

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TJ Sopoci Feat Monday April 12th @ the Workshop Workshop

TJ Sopoci Featuring come to the show

TJ Sopoci is a data scientist, comedian, podcaster, writer, photographer, musician and content creator. His is truly an inspirational tale of the Irrational Confidence of White Male Mediocrity If you look up the term Multi-Hyphenate, you’re likely to see a picture of TJ. Along with his co-host Gena Grish, TJ helms a top 100 podcast on the Apple Comedy Podcast charts called Menage-A-Pod.

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Eight 99 Second Stories

Jeff Stein 99 Second Storyteller

Season two will start May 1st! Story Luck’s 99 Second Stories Contest will run May 1st through June 15th. Click to see March’s winners.

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Story Luck People on Story Collider

Susan on Story Collider

Story Luck loves to participate in other people’s shows. Story Collider was a great experience. Timely emails and tons of check ins, helpful suggestions. Good back and forth discussions. Not a Science Story but Maybe a Collider This was the hardest story to work on. I’m proud of it, but not confident. One of the …

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Story Arc or How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

The idea of a story arc is a concept you’re probably familiar with. We talk about it a lot in our Workshop Workshop because we’ve found it a versatile tool. The Workshop Crew uses it to think about and reason through our stories. It’s a way of mapping tension inside of the three act structure. …

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Story Luck’s Workshop Workshop Featuring Shweta

Shweta featuring workshop workshop

Story Luck’s weekly dive into the Workshop Workshop format continues on Monday with special guest, Shweta. March 26th at 6pm central we will be having a lesson on storytelling and exploring two stories. The Story Luck Crew, along with a host of regulars in the Twitch chat will help us to actively listen. Thereby we …

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10 From Steve Martin’s Masterclass (1 Big Takeaway)

Steve Martin Masterclass

We are slowly going through all the writer Masterclasses as part of our affiliate program. With each new author we start off with a top ten list and then dive into the meat of the courses via 2-3 long form articles and thought pieces. There we get into the nitty gritty of each 6hr course. …

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Workshop Workshop Featuring Tim Barnes

Workshop Workshop Tim Barnes

Tim Barnes is a Los Angeles born Brooklyn-based comedian and writer whose absurdist humor brings light to social issues from unexpected angles.

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