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A Quick Reflection on Chicago’s Story Club


Uncommon Ground, what a name for a place that holds readings and folk singers in its tiny alcove corner heart; it is of course a coffee shop and as such I suppose “uncommon” is being used as a differentiator.

Their grounds are no squelch, popper, or common beans – rather, they serve rarefied coffee. Still, standing outside, my popped tire bicycle racked up, the sign reading “Uncommon Ground” strikes me funny enough to use as a first line here.

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Postcards Handed out at the Chicago Moth

postcard front

If you went to the Moth last night, you may have seen one of our constituents passing these out. If you got one, you may have read the back.

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In my continuing attempt to fill the mailbox of Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing I present to you, a postcard!


Ian Belknap, who just happens to be one of our featured readers for July 6th! hosts Write Club, a knock-em sock-em drag out fight between two Chicago literary heavyweights.

There is only one rule of fight club and it is thus:

The rule!

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July 6th’s Show! Featuring…

Here to shine a spotlight on our featured guests for July 6th’s Here’s the Story! If you’ve been meaning to make it to our brand new beautiful event, July’s show is THE night to attend! Along with 5 open slots for you or anyone who wishes to tell a story, we are hosting 5 featured tellers who we think will inspire and delight you. These folks are teachers, writers, thinkers, entertainers and all-around Chicago sweethearts who we are dazzled by, and cannot wait to share. So excited. Totally honored. Come join us to listen and tell! :)

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July 6th!

We will have!

1 Susan Messing
2 Ian Belknap
3 Jeffrey Jeffries
4 Caitlin Bergh
5 J.W. Basilo

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Susan Messing is Coming to Here’s the Story: Postcards

Susan Messing – Messing With a Friend

Postcard Front

On the 16th I got the chance to see Messing with a Friend. I brought along with me the lovely Lynda Joy and was fortunate enough to be seated next to three lovely strangers. One from far away, (but Chicago born!) and another, Marissa with a twitter account worth following, (or at least we believe so, come on hit approve! Wohoo, New Friend!) and Brian Elles.

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The Horizon: Our Friends issue 4

The idea strikes me thus:

I have a plan for a story.
I can create literary magic, and no one can stop me.
I’m going to invite one of our featured readers out to see another reader’s show.
We will all go out and talk about the show.
And I’ll learn so much I’ll have never been smarter in my whole life.

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Postcard From Interface to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing!


I went and saw Interface last night. It was good, real good. So good it certainly deserves a fully cooked article. But for those of you who didn’t get to attend that sold out show I’ve got a postcard snapshot from the show to show you right now. Unfortunately alone for this show, I was seated between four lovely ladies, I asked the two to my right if they’d put some musing about the show on paper. One cordially accepted my invitation.

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Postcards From Shows Everyone is Invited!

Checking out the internet I came across the phrase, “write us little postcards from shows,” and it struck me that would be a good idea to take literally. At the July 6th show we will be handing out postcards to select members of the crowd, and perhaps selling some depending how quickly our act gets together.

The special handed out postcards will be stamped and post marked to us. What we want you to do with them is to go to other shows in Chicago during the month. Take these postcards with you. While you’re at the show, jot down a short story, a poem, a quick drawing, or get someone in the crowd to do it for you. Then, as soon as you can, mail the card off! We will receive it and post the piece of history online here. Before placing it in a special Memory Box.

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Our Friends: High School Horror Stories (Issue 3)

Man, I wish I was better at getting these sorts of articles up in a timely fashion, but here is hoping that it’s better late than never.

Part of the reason I wanted to write about this show – beyond the fact that I loved the readers, was interested in the topic, went to see it with a cadre of great people, or that I just like the format – was because it placed so well in my itinerary that day. It got sandwiched between three other great shows.

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