In my continuing attempt to fill the mailbox of Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing I present to you, a postcard!


Ian Belknap, who just happens to be one of our featured readers for July 6th! hosts Write Club, a knock-em sock-em drag out fight between two Chicago literary heavyweights.

There is only one rule of fight club and it is thus:

The rule!

A favorite battle of mine was that between Brains and Brawn. Brawn went first and was held up by Whit Nelson, who besides being a blogger, programmer, and actor also runs the delicious sounding Brew Camp. His sparing partner for the night was our own Janna Sobel. He fought valiantly. As one would expect from brawn. But also with charm and more than a little bit of his opponent’s subject, brains.

You were a worthy competitor, Whit.

Back to postcards! After the show I puckishly bounced over to Sarah Wawrlaszek, and requested that she write me a story about this show. Graciously and with only a little prodding from another contender, she said yes!

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Thanks for the story, Sarah!


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