July 6th!

LogoDue to Construction at 773 we will be next door at Theater Wit for July 6th and August 3rd.

And this is our official facebook invite for the July 6th show!

We will have!

1 Susan Messing
2 Ian Belknap
3 Jeffrey Jeffries
4 Caitlin Bergh
5 J.W. Basilo


Five story swappers too!

Our focus at these evenings continues to be unscripted, embodied story; the kind of old-timey theatrical storytelling that is practiced under porch-lights and on street corners and by fire-sides. By people who have a truth to tell, whether through fact or fiction. Traveling salesmen and street minstrels and sacred clowns. Camp-counselors and medicine women and good dads at bedtime. Solo performers in off-broadway theaters, provocative sex-positive performance artists, stand-up comics and drag artists and elementary school teachers and your grandma whenever someone was bored or fussy. Professors. Ministers. Actors. Doctors. Writers. Activists. My Uncle Jack. That person in your family who keeps the cultural stories alive by telling them. You.

Here’s the Story is dedicated to making every event one worth telling stories about. It’s a potluck, it’s FREE, share and share alike, and for heaven’s sakes invite everyone!

Go to www.heresthestory.org to find links to these artist, read postcards, download podcasts, and have a jolly good old time.

1229 W. Belmont
7:30-10:00 (Open mic and sign up til 8pm)

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