Postcard From Interface to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing!


I went and saw Interface last night. It was good, real good. So good it certainly deserves a fully cooked article. But for those of you who didn’t get to attend that sold out show, I’ve got a postcard snapshot from the show to show you right now. Unfortunately alone for this show, I was seated between four lovely ladies, and I asked the two to my right if they’d put some musing about the show on paper. One cordially accepted my invitation.


I’m hoping to find more interesting postcards in the future but for now quick Walgreen stops are going to have to do. If any of you have cool spots to recommend, hit me in the comments or my email box.

This is what she wrote. (Sorry I didn’t snag your name! If you see this, email me and I’ll credit you.)

back and poem

I hope you like it Elizabeth!


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