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Here’s the Story visits the Hopleaf’s Tuesday Funk

Writing’s not easy.

But sometimes you get the job done.

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Here’s the Story at The Chicago Poetry Brothel

The Chicago Poetry Brothel is a place ripe for stories, an event worth telling stories about. Very much the sort of thing that embodies our ethos by proclaiming: “Here’s the story.” Right here, right now, you are in it. The Chicago Poetry Brothel is about experiencing the story. As soon as you enter you are part of something bigger.

It’s held at Al Teatro 1227 West 18th St. in Pilsen. Just a shot away from Halstead where the Gallery Walk is held.

One is encouraged to dress up in Victorian, vintage, or steampunk garb. Upon arrival you’ll be introduced to the Madam and her Doctor. Either are capable of taking care of you… if being taken care of involves the gentle caress of poetry in a darkened room.

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A Here’s the Story Contest Winner!

At the last show we were handing out postcards designed by Amy Kuttab. When I made these postcards I explained to the printer, “We’re hoping people go to shows and mail them back to us with little stories on them. We are an organization that promotes storytelling in all it’s forms.”

He replied, “Are you going to put stamps on them?”

I frowned, “No.” That was unfortunately not in our budget.

He empathized with my budget concerns and then with a breathy chuckle said, “Never going to happen, but good luck.”

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From Chicago’s Whistler to Here’s the Story

Thanks Miss Harper!

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From The Hungry Brain To Here’s The Story

One of the main goals at Here’s the Story is to get people telling stories. To this end we’ve been doing a little art project with Elizabeth Harper, from Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing. Who’s one year anniversary show is coming up this Wendsday. It’s at Phyllis’ Musical Inn and I’d say, “Don’t miss it.” (We will likely keep reminding you.)

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From Weeds to ELC

Adam Baker and I went to Weeds open mic night.

I brought a postcard to send to Elizabeth Harper.

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Postcards from The Kates to ECLT

So Elizabeth is having her 1 year anniversary at Phyllis’s Musical Inn I first met her at a place called Trace, which had a ten year open mic run. She’s taken a lot of, what I think was Trace’s open spirit and brought it to Division Street. I’m very much looking forward to this August 10th show.

The last show I got to go to was Kelsie Huff’s, The Kates at the book cellar.

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Postcard from Weeds!

I went to Weeds with my good friend Kamaria Moir a few weeks ago.

There I captured this little gem!

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The Moth Story Slam Postcard

I have a back log of post cards to send out to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing and to post here. I’ve also got a back log of post cards she’s sent to me from various shows. And I’m looking forward to getting a bunch of blanks in the mail, hopefully in time to give away at our August 3rd show.

This post card was presented to a fine group of fellows and ladies at last night’s Moth Story Slam. And with kindness and a trepidatious kind of gusto they took it upon themselves to write! This short missive was the collective work of four or five good looking friends who, after writing it gave it back with the instructions, “You absolutely can’t read this in front of us. Wait till you get home. It’s short.”

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Aug. 3rd the Features Feature!

I am looking out a window full of tree tops and sky, wondering what could be better than having a reason to assemble some of the best people I know every month; to bring them all together in one room, to listen and share and be inspired by eachother’s experiences, thoughts, lives and stories. I’m not sure I know an answer.

With Here’s the Story thriving and growing by leaps and bounds every month, I am happy knowing that this kind of coming together is serving and satisfying the wonderful people who turn up to it from Chicago’s many creative communities. It feels great to offer a place and time for all of you who are doing such good things with your lives to meet other folks who are doing the same, through all different ways and means.

Alyson Lyon
Joe Janes
Roger Bonair-Agard
Sarah Weidmann
and Natasha Tsoutsouris

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