From the Beat Kitchen To Here’s the Story!

I have only been to the Beat Kitchen once, it was to attend some friends’ fundraiser, they were working on an economic disaster play, they did a read through of the first half of the first half, which we were warned, “It’s not finished yet, this might not make it into the final thing,” and though they had twelve actors present a number of them had to double up. I remember it being sort of dark absurdest, and though I signed up for their email list, I wasn’t pinged when it went up so I can’t tell you how it turned out.

Looking over the Elizabeth’s poem I see that the Beat Kitchen didn’t cease to exist upon my leaving that night.

Translated to the best of my ability

disemboweled fairies
untell stories in order
to sow confusion into
fishnet blankets
scattered with
swedish fish
chewy confection
starting a rock band
beating the drums
strumming guitars
with their firs
don’t fight
absurd pasions
tatoos from outer space

Wally Dagger
swimsuit additional

The Hit Back
Victorian Halls

Thanks Elizabeth!

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