From The Hungry Brain To Here’s The Story

One of the main goals at Here’s the Story is to get people telling stories. To this end we’ve been doing a little art project with Elizabeth Harper, from Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing. Who’s one year anniversary show is coming up this Wendsday. It’s at Phyllis’ Musical Inn and I’d say, “Don’t miss it.” (We will likely keep reminding you.)

What we’ve been doing is trading postcards from the shows we go to. How it’s been working is whenever she goes to a show, she writes a poem about that show and mails it to us afterwords. Way down bellow you’ll be able to see what she sent us. Meanwhile when we go to shows, we get people in the audience to take up the writing task. Not because we’re lazy but because we like to talk to people and the more collaborators the better. We post all the postcards we send and receive here on the website for all to check out.

We’ve recently expanded this project to include everyone we run into. So if you went to last month’s show, you should have received a postcard that looked something like this:

The next time you go to a show, write a poem or a short story on the back of that postcard and mail it to us at

Here’s the Story
1191 Huntington Dr.
Mundelein IL. 60060

If for some reason you didn’t pick up a free postcard, either because you weren’t at the show, (Oh no! you’ll have to live vicariously through the podcast.) or because you just missed it. Send us any old postcard. We love getting letters.

Okay! So without further adieu let me show you the latest letter we got.

The Hungry Brain runs an open mic called:

So You Think you Nerves of Steel?

I’ve yet to go, but luckily through friends and the power of postcards I can live vicariously, Thanks Elizabeth H!

Translation to the best of my ability:

good evening post – revolutionary let down breakdown putting urbane sisters fake dummy show unmute moot unsung blago gets a tattoo asks alice polyvocal polytravel polyamory Harold ray launches his singing career simultaneous erection reeling!

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