Postcard from Miss Jackie’s Open Mic to Here’s the Story

One of the things that continues to amaze me is how many shows are being run in Chicago. There is so much support for local artists, spoken word, musical, or insert wacky artistic movement here. Support comes from audiences, producers, and venue owners. It’s really great to see and get word of this stuff.

This postcard comes from Miss Jackie’s open mic at the Grafton. I sort of pride myself I knowing a lot about the scene here in Chicago, but this is a show I wasn’t aware of, and last night when I asked a poet, “What’s your favorite show?” She offered me two I’d never heard of before.

Elizabeth has bested me yet again, sending me one of the coolest postcards yet. Her next show is happening this wed. at Phyllis’ Musical Inn.

All the shows in this city are unique, and worth supporting, even if just for the experience and friendships made.


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