From Chicago’s Whistler to Here’s the Story

The last time I went to the Whistler was for a birthday party. It was darkly lit with small votive candles placed about. Now I can imagine not using the word hipster in a poem about the Whistler, but I wouldn’t want to.

The website has a 32 track sampler of local Chicago music that they put together for Milwaukee fest. And it seems they run an avant book club.

Translated to the best of my ability:

baby bee gin cocktails
crowded blue light
hipster beards and
tatoos deep voice swoon
seducer friendly gin
orange peel hold my seat
might seed song lyric
harmony colored cradle
crowd cocoon
swooning hip logan
square far from
gold coast but only a
blue line train ride

I love away being on it’s own line.

<3s for Elizabeth.

I’m looking forward to getting postcards from you guys too. It’s true we handed out postcards to send us at the last show, but if you missed that show, feel free to send us little quips on your own postcards. We love getting mail. And we might just send you something cool back.

Here’s the Story
1191 Huntington Dr.
Mundelein IL 60060

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