A Here’s the Story Contest Winner!

At the last show we were handing out postcards designed by Amy Kuttab. When I made these postcards I explained to the printer, “We’re hoping people go to shows and mail them back to us with little stories on them. We are an organization that promotes storytelling in all it’s forms.”

He replied, “Are you going to put stamps on them?”

I frowned, “No.” That was unfortunately not in our budget.

He empathized with my budget concerns and then with a breathy chuckle said, “Never going to happen, but good luck.”

Inwardly I was confident that the local suburbanite father of three who told me cheerily how excited he was about this year’s Lollapalooza line up (not all that excited) didn’t understand the kind of audience Here’s the Story draws. As I was handing them out, almost everyone said, “I totally want to do this.” And multiple people proclaimed, “I have stamps in my purse! I’m totally going to win.”

In the end I suspect no one decided to write about the August 3rd show and stick it in the mailbox right away. But last night at Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing I got this from one of our open story swappers.

He wasn’t sure if he should send it to Here’s the Story or Stage773 but he had a photocopy of it to prove he sent it. Tracking me down at another show to hand me a story is absolutely worth a T-shirt. So thank you Joffre Stewart. The next Here’s the Story show you make, there is a free shirt with your name on it. Thanks so much for hooking us up. He was also kind enough to write us a quick poem in memory of weeds a few weeks back.

One of the things I like about Joffre’s story above is the liberal use of the term show. Rally’s are absolutely shows!

We will also be giving away a T-shirt to the next person to get a story into our mailbox. (Just use the address on the card.) And if you end up being second or fiftieth we will do a random pull and announce that winner at the Sept. 14th show.

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