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Renegade is Going Awesome!

Have you rsvpd?

So we sold a ton of T-shirts, posters, prints, made some great contacts, picked up a free Square card, and racked up 100+ new invites to RAJEN. And most of all, we listened to some fantastic stories.

One of my favorites came from a little girl, who when asked, “Who is your least favorite teacher?”

Responded, “I don’t think I could ever have something like that.”

Her dad said, “She likes school a lot.”

There were a lot of cute looks, faces, and friendly waves. We met KickStarter Backers, old friends, and made new ones. But that moment in particular stuck out.

It was near the end of the night, but I think it’s because Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair, even after only one day, had taught us so much.

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T-Shirt Sale

It’s true that the cost of shipping and cotton on T-Shirts has gone up. That said, there are a number of shirts we have left from long ago and we are keen to sell out.

So next month we are bringing back the Strawberry Head T-shirt for a limited time and to incentivise buying the final ones we have dropped the price to eight dollars.

This design is one of my favorites. It was done by Amy Kuttab who has done a number of cool works for us, the most famous of which is the Telling Fire. Which is one of the few Here’s the Story pieces we have in our collection as originals.

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This Month’s Here’s the Story Tshirt: Journey to the End of the Night

Since we are running a Journey to the End of the Night, we thought it would make a good theme for a Tshirt.

Amy Kuttab, our good friend from Portland did the design. If you recall, she also did this really cool shirt for us.

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A Here’s the Story Contest Winner!

At the last show we were handing out postcards designed by Amy Kuttab. When I made these postcards I explained to the printer, “We’re hoping people go to shows and mail them back to us with little stories on them. We are an organization that promotes storytelling in all it’s forms.”

He replied, “Are you going to put stamps on them?”

I frowned, “No.” That was unfortunately not in our budget.

He empathized with my budget concerns and then with a breathy chuckle said, “Never going to happen, but good luck.”

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These May Be our Next Round of Postcards?

Amy hooked us up with a colored version of May’s Poster/T-shirt design. I thought it was so cool I wanted to share it right away.

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Mock up Tshirt

Here is the mock up of the fabulous new design by Christine Harrison.

t shirt 2


Thank you very much Christine!

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June first Tshirt Mock Up is Here!

logo logo

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This is how Art is Made

I wish I had more time to sing the praises of Greta Heissenberger but for now you’ll have to make due with this snippet of “the process.”

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