Postcards From Shows Everyone is Invited!

Checking out the internet I came across the phrase, “write us little postcards from shows,” and it struck me that would be a good idea to take literally. At the July 6th show we will be handing out postcards to select members of the crowd.

The postcards will be stamped and postmarked to us. What we want you to do with them is to go to other shows in Chicago during the month. Take these postcards with you. While you’re at the show, jot down a short story, a poem, a quick drawing, or get someone in the crowd to do it for you. Then, as soon as you can, mail the card off! We will receive it and post the piece of history online here. Before placing it in a special Memory Box.

The germination of this idea comes from a conversation between Elizabeth Harper and I. So the first card I’m sending out goes to her.

As she and I go to see more and more we will be sending these little cards back and forth.


Anyone who wants to join early is welcome to ping us in the comments or hit me up by email. I’ll also be handing out cards to specific performance friends, so in the coming months we should get to see a lot of cool posts.

This particular poem comes from Matt (Sorry if I got your name wrong!) who was at the last Ear Eater show. Hopefully I will get a proper review of that show up in the future. Or get someone to write one for me, as a lot of my friends went. For right now I’m just going to tell you it was an awesome show, with a lot of quality variety and multimedia performance pieces.

Enjoy your week and keep your browsers pointed to www.heresthestory.org.

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