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Daily Recap July 1st

Confirmed eco as ending for Sept 22nd – Just have to sign a contract. Worked on JV article. That’s all for today.  Sorry folks.

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Daily Recap 06/24/2018

Hey all, Daily already slipping.  Wanted to switch these recaps to Instagram posts but chickened out. Maybe better luck tonight. Taking dog to vet so wish me luck on that. On the 24th we set up two more interviews. unfortunately on same day/time so we will have to divide and conquer. Got an email out …

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Daily Round UP 6/17/18

Hey All, Recorded set of friends for td. Set up board meeting for later this month. Set up two people to record as friends podcast this month. Working on doing draft recordings just to get some stuff. 1/2 setup hootsuite to schedule posts better. did a 30 min brainstorming session on how to get 10k …

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Daily Recap

We have about 15 volunteers for Journey. Need to email them tomorrow. Board meeting set for 7pm on Thursday 28th. Sent thankyou note for meeting. Almost finished book on marketing. That’s all, long day in the real work coal mines. Dog has leg issue and spent long time on phone coordinating with vet.

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Wow! A new post.

  To almost all our fans, it’s looked like we’ve been doing nothing. And I have to imagine, to some of us who have been working on projects – I think we’ve felt that way too. But it isn’t true. We took a stab at making Journey, we took a stab at making a video …

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Serendipity Dental

I was at a lose as to what to do. Historically, I’ve had trouble giving things up. Lent was spent mocking my more pious friends. I still have letter and notes from every single one of my CouchSurfers. I… am playing World of Warcraft again. I briefly entertained the thought of giving up alcohol. Of …

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A Month Of… Transit: Stop Somewhere New

Food and Fam

Next Month’s show will be A Month Of Transit: Stop Someplace New Facebook link One of the things I like about this task is how it’s worded. Rather than, “Go Someplace New” it’s “Stop Someplace New.” It reminds me that every time I commute there are little hidden gems, quaint adventures, interesting and unexpected people …

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A Month Of… Closed

Nov 11th @ Stage 773

Remove _____ from your life.

Closed is a strange theme and I wonder where the night will take us. Perhaps to stories about closing down shop, or stories about being being closed out of a group, stories about getting to a place just a hair too late, or maybe even in the nick of time! I’m not sure where this foray into storytelling back and forth will lead, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it does.

For the group task, Remove _____ from your life, some of us decided to go blind for a short time. Come to the show to find out what sort of perspective changes that lead to.

A Month Of Crow

Join us Nov 11th for Closed! If you post a story about the task “Closed” in the comments here, you get into the show for free.

A Month Of
Stage 773 1225 W. Belmont
Wed Nov 1ath 7:30-10:00
$10 free with a posted story or shared dish

Facebook invite

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Next Up! A Month of… Criminal Acts!


The other night’s show was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out, brought food, shared stories, and maybe even got a little freaked out by our exuberance. The stories moved around, featured dreamy trespassing, father’s who don’t want to pay for parking, ghosts in our nightmares, and more. Next month will be A Month Of… …

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The Architect’s Dream House

A dreamscape is born when you empty a place of people. Just east of the Beverly Shores Camping ground, a treeline dangling its fall leaves beckoned me and a few friends out of of the water during a camping trip made one year ago to the Indiana Dunes. “This looks exactly like a Hans Christian Anderson fairtyale book,” …

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