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April 1st Features Feature!

We have a stellar line up for our 1yr anniversary:

Emily Walker
Dave Jennings
Cameron Esposito
Jeff Gandy
Bill Larkin!

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March 4th Features Feature!

Hi friends! We’re looking forward to our big show on March 4th, and hope that you are, too. I realized this morning that this marks the very last show of Here’s the Story’s first year of life. Wow. It is amazing to think about all the wonderful people we have met, and all the friends that have been made through this event in one year. It has also been an honor to have been part of fostering the vibrant trend of storytelling in Chicago. We set out to offer the great people who populate Chicago’s many creative communities, a space to get to know and be inspired by one another, and looking back it kinda feels like we have done some of that! I am so happy for all of you who know each other now… I am happy for the time we’ve gotten to spend listening to each other… and I am happy that we have all made something that exists for no other purpose than to share and share alike. If you haven’t had a chance to join us yet, and have been meaning to make it out, please do. I think you’ll be happy to find the warm thing that is growing here.

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February Feature’s Feature

This Sunday come join us at Stage773!
This month we will be featuring:

Byron Roussin
Julia McDonald
Kim Morris
Nick Tramdack
Cameron Esposito

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The Featureless Feature!

Here’s the Story
January 1st!!!!!
7:30 – 9:30
Potluck and open story swap

Here is the Facebook invite if that’s how you roll.

So we’ve done a few shows and one of the questions we get is, “Why don’t you guys do more straight up story swaps like you did that one time?” Well, for those of you particularly keen on that sort of vibe we’ve added extra shows this year for just that. And we are dedicating this first show to a straight story swap style.

We’ve switched to first Sundays of the month and that means we get to land on the absolute 1st day of the year. Kind of awesome.

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Congratulations Joshua Safford!

Ahh, I’m so happy that Joshua Safford was so well received!

Totally magical! Thanks so much for coming out. A good friend, Kristin Abhalter, (Creator of the awesome Runner Trophy we presented during the robot apocalypse.) invited me out to a magic show a stint back and it’s there that I was introduced to Joshua for the first time. I slipped him a Here’s the Story postcard and upon looking at it he told me plainly, this is the sort of event for me. (Special thanks to Amy Kuttab for her great artwork.)

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Dec. 14th Features Feature!

Rohina Malik
Shannon Cason
Jennifer Bosworth
Bryan Bowden
Caitlen Bergh

Greatness. The show, as usual, will feature 10 storytellers. Five walk-ups, and five featured guests. Those are our features, invited to prepare a 10-12 minute long story, told in any way they like. Some of our tellers play characters, some use music or props, most just straight-up tell their story… but we welcome all to use that time to tell a story in their own way.

We do not dictate themes at Here’s the Story. Instead we invite everyone to begin listening for the story that wants to be told. on December 14th.

On the 14th, doors open at 7:30 for the potluck and open-swap sign up. The show starts at 8. The show happens at Stage 773, at 1225 W. Belmont. Feel free to rsvp on facebook.

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Thank You

Thank you all who came to our November show. Sometimes it strikes me what a unique thing we’re all doing by getting together to listen to each other. How uncommon that is now, and how old it is too… how integral storytelling and listening are to the cultures we all came from.

As always, there were wonderful stories on Wednesday. Stories about searching, and about letting everything go in order to have everything, about looking for love and the loss of great love, and learning to be genuinely present in both. Stories about being good to each other. Thank you thank you to all of our tellers.

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Congratulations Byron Roussin

We happily announce that one of the creative forces behind the upcoming Yard Times, has accepted the audience’s invitation to come back and tell us another tale as a featured reader. Thank you so much Byron Roussin.

It was a great show. I will be laughing for days to come regaling those who didn’t make it out. I suspect Janna will be writing up a swell little recap in the next day or so, and the podcast should be going up tomorrow or late tonight, but in the meantime:

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Nov. 9th The Features Feature

Hello Chicago storylovers and storytellers! We hope to see you all for this coming Wednesday for November’s Here’s the Story! This month, we are graced with an incredibly talented lineup of invited tellers… solo performers, monologists, and professional storytellers, who hold storytelling as an important art, and have given the form much time and attention. They are also people who we just really happen to like… teachers, writers, actors, designers and activists… who make people’s lives better in a myriad of different ways on a daily basis.

As the season changes, we hope you will make plans to join us once a month, to gather round and snuggle in through the fall and winter, and enjoy an amazing, FREE evening of culture and laughter and delicious food and warm community. These events really are special. We’ve created them to be for and by and of all of you: the fantastic creators and thinkers who work and live in this incredible city together. We want you to have a place to be together to listen and be inspired by one another’s experiences and thinking. And, to get to just be in good company.

Here is some of the excellent company you’ll be in on Wednesday, the 9th:

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Lovely Little October Show…

Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of last night’s show! It was a beautiful night full of wonderful stories; one of my favorites we’ve had… for it’s excellent tellers– both featured and walk-up– and for the fascinating themes that emerged. As lots of you know, we don’t dictate themes at Here’s the Story, which leaves the night open for threads to emerge that are more subtle and profound than anything we could have come up with ahead of time.

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