Congratulations and thanks sent to Jesse! We look forward to seeing you April 7th!

Another successful show, if I don’t say so myself. Love and food and camaraderie, hard words, and easy words, and music and a superhero or two. Sort of a perfect mix!

After the show Janna and I stayed up late, chilling at the Pick Me Up Cafe with Stephanie Douglass and Ray Teresi. Janna started reminiscing about all these old friends she’d made through the show, and she wondered if that was happening for others as well.

I told her I knew it was.

Last month I was lucky to get invited to a potluck dinner by Duo. He’s one of our master potluck providers and a storyteller, as you can hear on the most recently posted podcast. There were a ton of Here’s the Story kids there. It warmed my heart that diverse groups meet up and figure out how to keep in their social circles even after the show.

There was one kid who told McKenzie, “Everyone here is so nice. It’s like a church or something. Why are people so nice? It’s like they’re nice, but they don’t have anything to sell.”

While that’s probably not an exact quote, I think the sentiment rings true. So, thanks for being so cordial!

And also, hey! We do have stuff to sell!

And so do some of our tellers.

And while I’m on the subject of thank yous, thanks to everyone who brought food. Thank you to everyone who gave points away. Thank you to everyone who smiled, listened, laughed, and told. It’s cliche host sort of stuff, but you make the evening awesome. Janna and I super appreciate the attention you give to the atmosphere of the show.

I want to give special thanks to Michelle who pinch hit for us on the sound board, and her wonderful friend Nathan, who was eager to pitch in too. Brianna Kratz came in and took these wonderful pictures in place of the usual Kim Dearnley.

And last but certainly not least, thank you so much for the first time teller, Jesse, who graciously accepted our invite to feature at next month’s show.

Oh and because a bunch of people wanted it, here’s a link to music by River’s Rising!

Have a great week everybody.

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