Quick Update: Preview List, (Journey Update and More)

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1. Mock-up for June 1st tshirts (tomorrow)
2. Article about the Chicago Story Collective’s awesome High School Horror Stories show (by the 27th)
3. Update on our special September event, Journey to the End of the Night (by the 27th)
4. Journey website goes up (on June 10th)
5. We’re lining up features for a super-secret show happening in October, so we’ll start dropping details about that (June 11th)
6. Announcement of June’s lineup of featured tellers (soon, soon!)

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Let’s Talk About Mission Statements

A leaf on a rock

Janna and I are constantly tweaking, this site, what we plan on doing, what we think we can do against what we really can do, and one of the things that’s been getting some attention lately is the website’s stated mission. Right now it centers pretty closely around the first Wednesday show. This is our main thrust, our main event, and it rightly holds almost all of our attention as we push forward. But Janna and I also care a lot about the bigger picture and the possibilities that come from sharing stories as a way of thinking about life.

So for me, when we boil down brass tacks, this is our mission statement: “Here’s the Story.”

It’s a bold phrase and it is what I think of as our core. Janna and I can go on and on about what we want this to be, i.e. everything to everyone all the time. (Oh, lofty abstract goals.) We can tell you stories, our own as well as the ones we’ve heard and read. We love to talk about the inspiration we’ve gotten from all our friends and the excellent work they do throughout the city. And in strange moments our tongues will trip their way into erudite and insightful musings on the subject of, “What is this all about?” But I lack the imagination it takes to come up with a better phrase for our show – this organization, this movement – than Here’s the Story.

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A Story Is Starting to be Told

We have received a demanding telegram signed by the ØwO. Our interns are working on the best way to decipher it’s coded contents but it seems that it’s up to Here’s the Story to help coordinate and facilitate the telling of a grand Journeyman’s story.

Lucky for us, that’s our alley! Perhaps that’s why we were sought out? This is absolutely the sort of thing we want to be working on. And to facilitate that end we will post the real life tales and updates that surround putting a show like Journey to the End of the Night together. We will provide a place for you to volunteer and understand the mechanics of the game. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments or hit our email.

A Journyman

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This is how Art is Made

I wish I had more time to sing the praises of Greta Heissenberger but for now you’ll have to make due with this snippet of “the process.”

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Thank You

A big warm virtual sparkly-eyed hug to everyone who came and listened and shared their stories on Wednesday night.  I had such a good time listening to all of you, and felt totally welcome in sharing my own stories… as spoooky as they turned out to be.  : )  Who knows why we feel moved to tell what we do at an event like this?  Sometimes it’s because someone else’s story sparked our memory of something, and sometimes it seems like a story comes out of nowhere, unrelated to anything, but we really want to share it anyway.  I love both kinds, and have vivid memories of the stories you all shared.   Poor little Butterball dangling in the air… Andy’s uncle making his cousin eat everyone else’s food… the fish on the pillow… the gifted wallet… the future king of comedy… Nadia hearing her dad tell the story of her own birth for the first time… the Agressive Behavior of 100 pound catfish (what was his name)?  And then there were Joey’s chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes, which like Dan said were a story in and of themselves.

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Let’s Talk About May 4th’s Show

It’s coming together! I osculate between two emotions, the first of which I’ll delineate for you bellow. HtS is going to be huge. To the thirty-plus of you who showed up last night, I hope the hipster cred takes you far. Next year you can be all like, “Pffft, of course I know about HtS? …

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The Store is Up

The fine State of Illinois has seen fit to grant us not-for-profit status, so hit up our store and donation page at this link or through the menu bar on the front page.

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You know. It’s good.

My friend Siamak and I were talking on the phone today about improv and writing and first dates. We were considering that there’s a lot we have inside ourselves that only gets offered up in the presence of somebody we trust. Bright things that get shared more freely in a situation where someone else (teammate, …

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Amy Kuttab’s May 4th Tshirt printed

gray and whiteRed Shirt White shirt

We are gearing up for the upcoming event and if you haven’t rsvp’d via facebook and are the facebooking type, please do!

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Mini April recap and a how to guide on making chocolate brain candy

Lo siento mi amigos para I didn’t make this all that adventuresome… and I’ll admit to further failings before we are through. Such as, I also don’t think the tutorial is better than say this, which I used as a guide to make my chocolate brains. BUT! I did promise a tutorial along with a slew of other articles and I figured I’d need to get at least one of them out lest I become known as a liar.

Even though liars have a place in the hearts of numerous great storytellers and perhaps even a place in my heart, I don’t want to be one. Lines at the bottom will tell you, “He doesn’t want to be thought of as a total lout.” You should probably trust bottom lines, seeing as they are known for their unwavering honesty.

Pluss-Pluss-Pluss I want an excuse to write about last month’s potluck. A good number of people showed up, more with food than dressed up as Zombies but despite my chagrin, the survivors didn’t get in any fights with the walking dead.

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