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New Podcast! And Congratulations Stephanie Douglass!

Ahhhh! What a great show!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, told, brought food, ate food, and/or gave me a big old hug! Bernie included!

We will announce the winner by midnight, in the meantime I wanted to at least get the podcast up. (I did my best to fix it. The sound get’s better as the recording goes on. Sorry that it’s a little soft through out your piece, Jet Eveleth.)


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Congratulations Christopher Gatsby!

Whether it was because of his long drive in, you’re loving the sounds of piano and guitar, or the charming red faced smile when he slow rolled that second verse to his ballad, you voted him up to the tune of 427 points. Thanks! We’ve sent him the invite and he’s told us, “I can’t wait to make that six and a half hour trip again!” Thanks Chris. And thanks everyone who came out last night to support the show, you were a fantastic audience to ringleader for.

I am wicked tired and so you can expect to see the podcast and a tighter write up go live sometime after Saturday. But I wanted to make sure the announcement was made by today.

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Thanks for all the Recent Traffic

We haven’t gotten them printed off, that’s a tomorrow project, so they might look a little different in the end but here is a look at the image we’ve received for the front of the Verified Human Card.

Obviously Here’s the Story is a fan of Amy’s Kuttab’s work. But I’m particularly smitten with the way this one came out.

I think it’s going to be a special keep sake and help you remember the journey you took this year.

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Postcard from Yellowstone National Park to Here’s the Story!

We have been sending postcards, and we’ve been giving post cards away. Some for you to mail to friends. Some for you to mail back to us. Elizabeth Harper has sent us a ton! And famously we’ve gotten one back from Joffre Stewart.

Today I opened the mail to find a particularly special package. Here are the contents:

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A Here’s the Story Contest Winner!

At the last show we were handing out postcards designed by Amy Kuttab. When I made these postcards I explained to the printer, “We’re hoping people go to shows and mail them back to us with little stories on them. We are an organization that promotes storytelling in all it’s forms.”

He replied, “Are you going to put stamps on them?”

I frowned, “No.” That was unfortunately not in our budget.

He empathized with my budget concerns and then with a breathy chuckle said, “Never going to happen, but good luck.”

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