Thanks for all the Recent Traffic

We haven’t gotten them printed off, that’s a tomorrow project, so they might look a little different in the end. But here is a quick look at the image we’ve received for the front of the Verified Human Card.

Obviously Here’s the Story is a fan of Amy’s Kuttab’s work. But I’m particularly smitten with the way this one came out.

I think it’s going to be a special keep sake you’ll cherish for a long time. We hope it helps you remember this journey fondly. I have the tiny button on a spring I recieved from my first run sitting on my desk as I type.

Things are all coming together for tomorrow’s potluck and Saturday’s JEN. Unless something unseen happens it’s our plan to have a table set up with crayons and various coloring utensils so that people can draw their picture in the space provided. We’re also looking at procuring a lamination machine so we can provide that little extra for when you’re done being creative. Suggested donation for lamination will be 2$

On the horizon we have a cool art project in the works with Kenton Quatman. He designed our best selling Tshirt so far, the Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny, so be on the look out for info on that front.

See you tomorrow!

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